Optimized User Flow Increases Revenue-Per-Visitor By 62.29%

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Business:  Computer Software
Sector:  Cell-Phone Data Transfer
Optimized Conversion:  Revenue
Test:  Site-Wide Test
Website:  datapilot.com

Back in the day when you had to manually transfer old contacts to your new phone by typing them in, DataPilot saved many peoples’ time (and fingers). Today they support over 4,000 different phone models, and serve as a solution to sync contacts between those phones. When we took a look at the analytics, one of the key things we noticed is that although they sell multiple products on the site besides DataPilot, they were all given even attention regardless of their popularity. Right away we decided it was important to test the hypothesis that conversions would be increased if we focused the site around their main product.

Another thing we noticed is that the navigation-flow felt like it was creating friction. For one, the “Products” link just showed some of their products, but the corporate, consumer, and retail store links also linked to products which were just meant for those types of customers. The old navigation made it feel like “retail store” linked to something that gave more information about their physical retail locations. We decided to try navigation titles that gave more clear information about the destination – and because they had a small amount of products, we tried making them drop-downs and linking to the product pages.

The Variations

Control: $0.99 revenue-per-visitor

CRO: Datapilot Control Page

Treatment: $1.60 revenue-per-visitor (+62.29%)

Conversion Optimized DataPilot Site


The gains were pretty significant – over 60%. A few key takeaways:

  1. Navigation links should be titled in terms of what comes next and what they can get there.
  2. Look at analytics and figure out why people are visiting your site, and segment by pages. In this case, we noticed most of the homepage visitors were coming through “datapilot”-related terms so we made that the hero.
  3. If you have a small amount of products that are similar, try and figure out a way to link straight to the product pages intelligently.

Hope this helps. Enjoy!


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