Retail: 43.54% Increase in Revenue-per-Visitor for Morninghead

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Business:  Retail
Sector:  Personal Care
Optimized Conversion:  Revenue-per-Visitor
Test:  A/B Test

Morninghead is an awesome kickstarter-funded startup which created a product that eliminates bedhead without needing to put your head under the sink or shower. We enjoy working with clients who have unique products such as Morninghead due to the fact that it gives us a great exclusivity factor to work with when crafting value propositions.

We’ve featured this client in a previous test that got them a revenue lift of 37.21%, and now it was time to increase this even more.\

If you look at the original page, you’ll find that there is a drop-down list next to the call-to-action which asks the visitor to choose a quantity. But, there’s an issue with this - a visitor will only be concerned about quantity when they have already made the buying decision. It’s almost like me asking you what toppings you want on a pizza you’ve yet to order. It also creates friction in the user’s mind since it’s an extra decision that needs to be made.

Our hypothesis was that by adding a intermediary page in between this page and the cart to choose the quantity, we would be able to increase conversions.

We know what you’re thinking – “But everyone knows that shorter the funnels convert better!”

This is true in most cases but not all. Intuitions like this in optimization take time to develop, but the best tests are usually the innovative, counter-intuitive ones! Quick tip to become more innovative: Boil down every idea into it’s fundamental truth, and you will be more creative and innovative.

We put together the new intermediary page, made the funnel longer, and believe it or not, saw some pretty good results!

The Variations

Control: $0.16 revenue-per-visitor


Treatment: $0.23 revenue-per-visitor (+43.54%)

Treated Landing Page


Added Intermediary Page



Don’t be sucked into the dogma of all the “best practices” you hear about – use common sense, try new things and innovate. Hope this helps – get back to testing!

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